BEA Placement Test (Juniors)

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    Placement Test

    For Questions 1-20 Choose the best option and write it on the answer sheet. You can stop when the questions become too difficult and go to section B.

    1. Where……from? I’m from Colombia.

    2. …… five people in my family.

    3. Excuse me, ……… speak English?

    4. I …………… I’ll be late for class.

    5. What are you doing? I ………. Computer games.

    6. I ………… to a restaurant last night.

    7. What are you doing tonight? I am ……… my friends

    8. ……… ever been to London?

    9. I ……… study harder

    10. ………… to John lately?

    11. Are you the ……… person in your family?

    12. If I get home early tonight, I………… watch TV

    13. What did you do last night? I………… my homework

    14. I………… TV when my phone rang

    15. Joe …… in that house all his life

    16. I failed the exam. I……… studied harder.

    17. Why are you so tired? I ……… all morning.

    18. If I ……… a millionaire, I would buy a mansion.

    19. At 9:00 tonight, I ……………… something on Netflix

    20. My parents…………stay out late at the weekend

    For questions 21-40, put one word into the gaps. Once you start to find the questions too hard you can go to Section B

    1. This is my sister, name is Tania.

    2. Last night, I to the shops

    3. Taking a taxi is more expensive taking the bus.

    4. We coming to your party next week.

    5. I have my classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    6. I have been living in Manchester 2015.

    7. I like my homework after class.

    8. I want go home now.

    9. My grandmother died 5 years .

    10. I woke pretty early this morning.

    Cloze Test.
    Read the text below and decided which answer …… (A, B, C or D) best fits the gap. There’s an example at the beginning

    0. a) in b)at c) on d) to

    I usually get (0) on well with my parents. (1) last night we the worst argument we’ve had for year. It was my brother (2) started the trouble. He asked (3) borrow my lap top and when I said no he just went into my room and took it. When I told my mum, she told me (4) so childish. She said I should be (5) _ generous. I was very angry, but I went upstairs to quickly finish my homework, (6) I thought would take about an hour. After that, I planned to go out. My friends suggested (7) to a local club and I had agreed (8) them there. The club is quite far from my house, so I knew I would be home (9) than usual. I thought I (10) ask dad if that was be okay. He usually (11) me do what want because he knows I’m not as irresponsible (12) my brother. But this time he (13) to allow me to go out alone. He wanted me to take my brother and said that (14) I didn’t agree to go with him, I couldn’t go at all. We had a terrible (15) . In the end he ordered me to go to my bedroom, where I spent a boring evening.

    1. A) Although b) But c) However d) Despite
    2. A) who b)whom c) whose d) which
    3. A) for b) at d) me d) to
    4. A) not be b) not being c) not to be d) not to have been
    5. A) less b) more c) of d) than
    6. A) that b) which c) so d) than
    7. A) to go b) go c) going d) having gone
    8. A) meeting b) to meet c) meet d) having meet
    9. A) earlier b) later c) more later d) more earlier
    10. A) should b) would c) ought d) must
    11. A) allows b) would c) orders d) lets
    12. B) than b) as c) like d) for
    13. A) agreed b) refused c) denied d) admitted
    14. A) unless b) when c) if d) if only
    15. A) argue b) to argue d) arguing d) argument

    There is one mistake in each of these sentences, can you correct it?

    1. There is very cold in winter

    2. In Spain are many nice beaches

    3. I often do mistakes when I speak English

    4. What means this word?

    5. The capital of the United Kingdom is the London