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If you want to study any course at Britannia English Academy, it is compulsory to take our level test. For each question, you should choose the correct answer to complete the phrase. If you find out level test too difficult, do not worry. You can stop the test at this point. The test is purely to give us the best understanding of your level as possible so that we can place you in the correct class


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A. For Questions 1-20 choose the best option and write it on the answer sheet. You can stop when the questions become too difficult and go to questions 20-40.

1. Where……from? I’m from Russia(Required)
2. ……. five people in my family(Required)
3. Excuse me, ……speak English?(Required)
4. Bob will meet ……….. at the airport.(Required)
5. Is this a good time to talk? Sorry, no. I ……….. dinner.(Required)