FAQs for Students

Quick answers to your important questions about courses, payments, and rules at our English Academy.

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    The academy opens from Monday to Friday starting at 8:30 in the morning. When it closes can change.

    From September to May, the most students in a class is 10. From June to August, it can go up to 12.

    You must bring your passport on the first day, and we will make a copy of it.

    Before you book your course, you need to take a test to see your level. The school manager will then decide the right level for you.

    The course fees do not cover your books, travel costs, some social events, or personal and health insurance.

    You need to pay all your course fees 4 weeks before your course starts. We don’t take cheques but you can pay with cash, UK debit card, non-UK debit card with a small extra charge, credit card, bank transfer, or by phone. There’s a small fee for card payments and a bit higher for AMEX.

    Once your course has started, we can’t give you a refund. But if you cancel before the course starts, you might get some money back depending on when you cancel.

    No, once the course has started, you can’t change it or get a refund if you decide to stop or don’t like it.

    You should tell the school if you can’t come to class. If you miss two classes without saying why, the school might give your spot to someone else.

    If your visa is refused, and you give us the official refusal letter, we’ll give you back your money except for £255 for the admin fee. If you booked accommodation, it’s £310 for the admin fee.

    If you’re not happy with your course or something at the school, tell us straight away. If you email us at [email protected] after your course ends, we can’t accept your complaint.

    Try to come to lessons on time. If you’re more than ten minutes late, the teacher might not let you in. If you’re often late, you might not be allowed to join the class.

    Yes, you can book holidays but you need to tell us at least one week before. How long you can be away depends on how long your course is.

    If you do not behave well, you might have to leave your class or even the school. If this happens, you won’t get any money back.

    You need to come to at least 80% of your classes to get a certificate or a report when you finish. If you need a signed document, ask us five working days before you need it.

    The school isn’t responsible if you lose something or if something gets stolen. You should have your own insurance for health and personal things.

    If you have a doctor’s appointment or something official and can’t come to class, you can make up the lesson another time if you show us proof and tell us 24 hours before.

    You can move or cancel a one-to-one lesson if you tell the school at least 24 hours before. If you don’t, you can’t make up the class or get your money back.

    You can pay with cash, a debit card from the UK or another country (with a small extra charge), a credit card, or by bank transfer. We don’t accept cheques.

    If you need to leave your homestay or student halls early, you won’t get your money back for the accommodation. If you’re staying with a host, you need to tell us two weeks before you leave.