1. Visa Refund Agreement

Refund Process:

  1. The school will examine the rejection letter sent from the Embassy to the student.
  2. The manager will evaluate the situation and decide if there is a possible refund for the student.
  3. If the circumstances allow it and it is applicable, the refund will be issued between a period of 4 to 8 weeks.
  4. If you are applying for a refund because your visa has been rejected you must send us copies of all of the rejection documents you have received from the British or Irish government, including every page of the rejection documents.
  5. Any documents can be sent by email (As scanned images to [email protected]) or you can also post them, fax them or submit them to the school reception.
  6. You may also be asked to return any documentation the school has given you, including any letters and invoices. We may ask for the original documents as part of the conditions of the refund.
  7. If your visa has been rejected, and we agree to provide a refund, we will retain an administration fee of £200, plus Registration Fee £30 and accommodation booking fees £30.
    So, for example, if you pay a total amount of £ 1500 composed by:
    Administration Fees £200
    Registration Fee £30
    Booking Fee £30
    Host Family £520
    Course fee £720
    We will refund only £1240 (Tuition Costs and Host Family).
    Bank costs associated with transferring money back will be paid by the student.
  8. Please note that we will NOT give ANY REFUND if you attempt to use deception in applying for a visa through Britannia English Academy or are judged to do so by an immigration officer or consulate employee (for example, by using forged documents). This is to discourage bogus students from trying to use our school as a way to enter the UK fraudulently. Please do not apply to Britannia English Academy if you are not a real student.
  9. The decision of Britannia English Academy of English is final and is not open to internal appeal. Please email this form to ([email protected]) or submit in paper form by post or by hand.